Student Life Enhancement Fund

The Student Life Enhancement Fund (SLEF) provides seed capital and financial support for student-run and University-based service providers to expand their programming, infrastructure and/or operations. The fund is intended for initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to improving and enhancing student life. The Student Life Enhancement Fund is administered by the Student Services Advisory Committee (SSAC).  The membership of the SSAC consists of representatives from the MSU and the University and is accountable to full-time  undergraduate students for the governance of the Compulsory Ancillary Fee Protocol and the use of student fees levied by the institution.

Submit your idea by November 6, 2022.

How the Fund Process Works

The call for ideas will open soon, and all ideas submitted will then be reviewed by the SLEF committee. The committee will evaluate and select those ideas that best meet the criteria.  Students will have the opportunity to vote on the selected list of proposed projects during the MSU Presidential Election.  Voting results will help determine the final projects that will be presented to the Student Services Advisory Committee in April 2022 for approval and implementation.

Student Life Enhancement Fund: How would you enhance McMaster. No idea is too big or too small. Submit your ideas online
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