About the Fund

The MSU and McMaster Student Affairs continue to build effective relationships and work together as partners in making good investments to enhance the quality of the student life and help create a memorable university experience.

Funds are made available through the collection of undergraduate student services fees targeted for this purpose. A portion of the student services fees collected is earmarked for new and innovative programs on an annual basis and used to promote and support the student experience. By inviting the University community to submit an idea, we are promoting projects that are creative, innovative and enhance the undergraduate student experience. The Student Services Committee is responsible for the approval of such initiatives. As part of our commitment to accountability, the results and outcomes are reviewed by the Committee to ensure funds are properly allocated for the targeted purpose and objectives have been achieved. A review of how funds are spent is conducted by the committee.


  • Student driven.
  • Aligned in support of diversity, inclusiveness, community engagement, and the learning process
  • New, innovative and creative
  • Supports the creation of new partnerships/ collaborations between students, the MSU, Student Affairs and the internal and external community working together in the common interest of students
  • Aligned with the University’s values and mission in terms of internationalization, the student experience, and community engagement
  • Builds capacity and provides enhanced services
  • Considers environmental impact (sustainability)
  • Projects that are considered a part of core services will not be considered